Asian Voice Over FAQ

1. After I've emailed you with details for a quote, when can I expect to hear back?
We will respond to all requests for a quote within 24 hours. Sometimes it will be to ask for more details in order to provide a quote, but the process is swift.

2. How can I listen to your voice samples ?
To listen to voice and music samples on our website, you just need to click on the play button alongside the audio file name. You don't need any special audio software.

3. What are your payment terms.
With first time customers a 50% deposit is required on all jobs. The remainder is payable on completion.

4. If I want you to provide a final mix service, how can I get my picture file to you?
You can email a link to us to download your picture file, or we will provide you with our FTP user codes to drop the file there.

5. Do you provide film production or imaging services?
No. However, we work closely with many reputable production companies that can produce exactly what you need. E-mail us and we can refer you.

6. Is Asian Voice Over union or non-union voice talent?
We are non-union.

7. What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept e-money transfers from your online bank. Normally I get paid via paypal

8. Do you do retakes/revisions?
Yes. Retakes are free on already written material that was previously voiced. There will be a nominal fee for script changes or additions after delivery if you decide to make any.

9. Are you expensive?
Not at all. We can work within any budget and don't cut corners while doing so. Send us a rate request to get specific details.

Still have a question? E-mail us at admin@thuamninhkieu.com or lachinhan@gmail.com